Dr. Gary Hubert

Dr. Hubert is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and obstetrics and gynecology. He serves as Co-Director for FSAC, and as a clinical assistant professor in Reproductive Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine. A graduate of UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Hubert has lectured and published extensively on infertility and other reproductive disorders. With over 20 years of experience in reproductive medicine, Dr. Hubert has been honored on several occasions by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the media for his outstanding contributions to infertility diagnosis and treatment, specifically in the areas of endometriosis and ovulation dysfunction. Dr. Hubert is an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology, and the Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists.

Download Dr. Hubert’s complete curriculum vitae here (PDF)

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Patient Testimonials

IVF was so far out of my comfort zone in every way and there are no words to describe how challenging it was, for me personally, to make an appointment to meet Dr. Hubert and then to actually do IVF. That being said Dr. Hubert is truly a nice man.
Dr. Hubert is gentle and patient. His technical expertise, experience, track record and bedside manner were through the roof exceptional. I think he probably knows all there is to know about IVF and definitely stays current. I found him amazingly accommodating and patient. When it came to exams, ultrasounds, and surgeries I found his concentration to be a sight to behold. He was solely thinking about the ultrasound, for instance, and Dr. Hubert knew what he was doing without exception.
I appreciate how, for me, Dr. Hubert stuck with tried and true methods. I was not interested in being an experiment. He was respectful of both myself and my husband and answered the long list of bullet point questions I prepared for each visit. Dr. Hubert was funny, as well. This made it more pleasant as the whole process was intense. Truly, Dr. Hubert is a good doctor and he worked really hard on my case. I noticed he consulted with his colleges whenever he wanted a second opinion on my case and he gave me every theoretical advantage possible. I needed it and it worked.
Dr. Li, the Embryologist, is gifted and a genius. We wouldn’t have our baby without her and her meticulous and talented staff. Dr. Li is also caring and we truly know she did all she could for us. We would not have our little guy without her concentration and ability to do such intricate work.
My actual Embryo Transfer was surprisingly exciting and our little guy implanted thanks to my body being ready, due to Dr. Hubert’s protocol, and my embryo being ready, due to Dr. Li and her staff’s expertise. This took a lot of hands. I would not have this outcome without Dr. Hubert’s work of helping my body get mature eggs, retrieving them, and Dr. Li matching my eggs up with my husband’s best sperm. We had intelligent, capable, and thoughtful people helping us.
Angie and all the front desk staff were kind and professional. I never received a snooty attitude from any of them. Especially in the beginning, I was ready to run away at any hint of disrespect and I never experienced it once with any of these women. They were exceptional. I don’t know how Angie and the front desk staff pull it off every day and I think they are an amazing team.
All of the nurses were positive, encouraging, helpful and professional. Every single nurse did an exceptional job making sure I knew what I was doing, my husband was clear on how to do injections, and we had enough medications. In particular, I really appreciated how Stephanie, as with all of the other nurses, was explicit, specific, and had practical tips of how to get my injections in the best possible manner possible. All of the nurses worked very hard for us with razor clear attention to detail.
Marivel and all of the other Medical Assistants were nice, accommodating, and on task. All of my blood work went to the right place and again I was treated with respect, care and attention.
Melinda in billing always gave me complete clarity on my bills upfront so we had no surprises whatsoever each and every visit in terms of expenses. Melinda worked to make sure once IVF was covered under our insurance (our insurance covered exams/visits once I was pregnant) that she got my coverage to start immediately which we needed. Melinda was always nice to me. I never experienced the catty office atmosphere I usually find pretty much anywhere and especially at doctors’ offices. None of that existed in my interactions at FSAC and I am a very sensitive to that dynamic and amazed I did not find it.
We needed all of their help and hard work to pull it off. I give them the highest rating there is because they all earned it.
Laura and Jeremy