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Older Women Should Move More Quickly to IVF

A new study demonstrates that, for couples of older reproductive age with unexplained infertility, immediate IVF is the most efficient treatment, resulting in fewer treatment cycles and a higher live birth rate. In an NIH-funded, randomized clinical trial, 154 couples receiving infertility treatment at Boston IVF and Brigham and Women's Hospital were randomly assigned to [...]

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Paraplegic Man Conceives Twin Girls After Sperm Extraction

By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES April 24, 2013 ABC News Raul Rodriguez of Camarillo, Calif., has been paralyzed since a 1997 car accident when he tried to pass a truck on a canyon road. His car spun out of control, slammed into a large tree and landed upside down in a creek. An athlete before he [...]

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Researchers Conduct Study On Age Related Fertility Decline

Researchers in Southampton are conducting the largest survey of its kind to find out what men and women know about age-related fertility decline and the impact it has on planning a family. The University of Southampton together with Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton, are looking to recruit more than 2000 people from all over the [...]

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Fertility Rates and Ectopic Pregnancy

WEDNESDAY, March 13 (HealthDay News) -- Fertility rates are about the same for women who undergo different types of treatments for ectopic pregnancy, according to a new study. In an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg grows outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes. This typically leads to a miscarriage. This study looked at pregnancies [...]

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Thousands Protest In Moscow Against Ban On Adoptions To US

By Kirit Radia Jan 13, 2013 ABC World News MOSCOW — Thousands of Russians took to the streets on Sunday to protest Russia’s new ban on adoptions to the United States. In what organizers called the “March Against Scoundrels” they paraded down a tree-lined boulevard in central Moscow chanting “Hands off our children” and “Russia [...]

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Infertility Rates Haven’t Changed Much In 20 Years

By Eryn Brown December 19, 2012 Los Angeles Times It can seem like infertility is on the rise, especially in developed countries as women wait longer to start families. But according to a new analysis of 277 surveys, conducted by researchers at the World Health Organization and other institutions, infertility trends around the world stayed [...]

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Badly Wounded Veterans Lobby For Fertility Treatment

By Alexandra Zavis December 14, 2012 Los Angeles Times Army Staff Sgt. Matt Kiel was shot while on patrol in Iraq just six weeks after his wedding. Doctors said he would be on a ventilator for the rest of his life and would never again move his arms or legs — dashing his hopes of [...]

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Sperm Count Low Among Couch Potatoes, Study Finds

By Monte Morin February 4, 2013 Los Angeles Times For those men who are looking to boost their sperm count, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have some simple advice: drop the TV remote control and get to the gym. A study published Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that [...]

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Sandy’s Most Delicate Rescue Was Fertility Clinic’s Embryos

By KATIE MOISSE of ABC News View Story On ABC News Website Nov. 1, 2012 [image_frame style="framed" align="right" height="96" width="91"]"[/image_frame]Among all the rescues carried out during the chaos caused by Sandy, the most delicate was the mission to save embryos in rows of incubators that were in jeopardy when the NYU Fertility Center lost its [...]

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