Can using a laptop make you infertile?

February 23, 20182 comments
Could technology make you infertile? The problem may be resting on your lap. A study published last week shows sperm counts in western men have been falling for the last 40 years. There are some theories about why it’s happening: smoking, obesity and stress among the culprits — but scientists do not have a definitive answer.

Researchers mention that the temperature of the scrotum has a direct correlation to the health of the sperm. In other words, the higher the temperature the more likely the quantity and quality of the sperm will be affected. While there are a few different factors that can cause the scrotum to heat up, laptop use is not being ruled out. As one researcher points out, it is not the use of the laptop that’s the issue, but its position relative to the body. Laptops are usually left on our laps and frequent and prolonged exposure can raise the temperature of the scrotum.

It should be pointed out that while men are discouraged from prolonged laptop use on their laps, women’s fertility is not affected in the same way. A female’s reproductive organs are located within the body, protected by layers of tissue.

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