Egg Donor

Fertility and Surgical Associates of California (FSAC) maintains its own Egg Donor and Embryo Donation program. Well over half of our patients who utilize an egg donor conceive using our in-house donors and donated embryos. As a courtesy to our patients, FSAC charges reduced administrative fees when using one of our in-house donors or donated embryos. We also welcome our patients to utilize outside donor agencies as it our goal to help find the best suitable match possible. Please contact us for further information.


If you are considering having a child through a surrogate, the important thing to consider is that the carrier has no genetic link to the fetus. Through in-vitro-fertilization and ICSI, we can extract eggs from yourself or a donor and fertilize them outside of the body. This fertilization can be done with your partner’s sperm or that of a donor.

If you know of someone whom you would like to act as a gestational carrier, we can evaluate them and determine if they would be well-suited to carry your child. If you don’t have someone selected or if your carrier is not a good match for medical reasons, we work with numerous agencies that can pair you with someone that you will trust.

Becoming an Egg Donor / Surrogate or Donating Embryos

For more information on becoming an egg donor, CLICK HERE.

For information on becoming a surrogate, CLICK HERE


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