Fertility Counselors

The following is a partial list of some of the fertility counselors our patients have worked with in the past.


[vc_iconbox iconpos=”left” icon=”user” with_circle=”0″ title=”Dr. Faith Szalay” link=”” external=”0″ img=””] Summary: I am Dr. Faith Szalay and I am a clinical psychologist practicing in Agoura Hills and Santa Monica.
Infertility had profound repercussions on my life for over 6 years. Living through that time was difficult and disheartening. It did, however, also provide profound insights into relationships, friendships, and parenthood. As a psychologist who specializes in relationship issues and couples therapy, anxiety and depression, it deepened my knowledge and empathy for the plight of people who face infertility.
Phone: 323-878-2263
Web: www.faithszalay.com[/vc_iconbox]

[vc_iconbox iconpos=”left” icon=”user” with_circle=”0″ title=”Christi Salem, M.S., R.D” link=”” external=”0″ img=””] Summary: A registered dietitian specializing in individual and corporate wellness, weight management, and chronic disease management. Christi received both her Bachelors and Master’s degree in Nutrition from California State University Northridge (CSUN). Christi began her career as a clinical dietitian working at Northridge Hospital. While working at Northridge Hospital she provided medical nutrition therapy to individuals with various medical conditions and provided education to individuals with diverse cultural needs.
Phone: 818-282-8222
Web: www.christisalemnutrition.com[/vc_iconbox]


[vc_iconbox iconpos=”left” icon=”user” with_circle=”0″ title=”Peggy Daglian, M.A., LMFT” link=”” external=”0″ img=””] Summary: When you are going through difficulties trying to create your family, it can feel as if you’re life has been put on hold indefinitely. You may feel that your sense of identity and life dreams have been taken away from you. Struggling with infertility can put emotional, physical, financial, and sexual strain on your relationship. Additionally, it can trigger significant feelings of loss. Most people find that talking to someone with personal and professional expertise can be very helpful.
Phone: 818-510-1066
Web: www.dagliancounseling.com[/vc_iconbox]

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