Fertility Preservation

If you desire to delay having a child, whether it be for career/lifestyle choices, or require urgent therapy for health issues, we provide the latest fertility preservation techniques to afford the ability to become pregnant in the future when the time is right for you.

Egg Freezing

Also known as oocyte cryopreservation, egg freezing involves extracting and then freezing a woman’s eggs so that they can be stored for in-vitro fertilization at a later time. Once the woman is ready to become pregnant, these cryopreserved eggs can be thawed, fertilized outside of the body through ICSI, and transferred into the womb as embryos.

Embryo Freezing

This technique is another option for fertility preservation and can be well-suited to patients who are undergoing IVF treatment. Typically, an IVF cycle will result in several embryos. However, only one to two embryos are typically transferred into the womb for development. With embryo freezing, we can preserve the remaining embryos for later use, reducing the need for additional IVF treatment cycles.

Sperm Freezing

In addition to egg freezing and embryo freezing, semen cryopreservation (sperm freezing) is available for men who want to ensure they have fertility options in the future. Sperm freezing is also an option for men who are undergoing a vasectomy or cancer treatment.

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