LGBTQ Family Building

At FSAC, we believe everyone deserves to have the family of their dreams. We are dedicated to helping gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and couples on their road to parenthood, and we are pleased to offer services including:

  • Intrauterine Insemination with Donor Sperm
    FSAC physicians direct the placement of sperm – which have been cleaned and optimized for potency – into the uterus via a small, flexible catheter, which increases the probability of pregnancy success.
  • Egg Donation
    Some patients require the help of a donor egg to make their dreams of parenthood come true. FSAC serves as your advocate during this process, offering you the skill, support and experience to develop a customized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.
  • Gestational Surrogacy
    Many patients choose to work with a gestational carrier – a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy for someone else. FSAC takes a multidisciplinary approach to the surrogacy process, coordinating between care providers, counselors and others to provide patients unparalleled physical, emotional and financial support.

Third Party Reproduction

Every family has a beginning. For some people, that beginning includes the assistance of donors and surrogates – women and men eager to make a difference by helping others conceive or carry a baby to term.

Through our in-house Egg Donor and Embryo Donation programs, FSAC connects patients with the vital resources they need for building their families. To help defray the expense of fertility treatments, we charge a reduced administrative fee when patients use an FSAC donor or donated embryo. More than 50 percent of our patients who utilize an egg donor take advantage of this unique opportunity.

  • Become an Egg Donor
    One in eight couples faces fertility issues. You can make an extraordinary difference in their lives. As a donor working with FSAC’s in-house Egg Donor and Embryo Donation programs, you earn a generous income while helping individuals and couples overcome fertility challenges and realize their dreams. Join a special group of women whose contributions are strengthening the fabric of our community. Contact us to learn more.
  • Become a Surrogate
    Gestational surrogates are models of generosity and compassion who fill our community with hope, strength and love. Consider opening your heart to local individuals and couples struggling to have a family. Partner with FSAC to volunteer as a surrogate. Your compensation will be much more than just financial.

Genetic Screening

At FSAC, we offer patients a full range of genetic screening services – equipping them with powerful tools to nurture a healthy pregnancy. Through pre-implantation screening and genetic diagnosis, we are able to:

  • Identify the highest quality embryos for IVF transfer
  • Boost implantation rates and reduce the risk of miscarriage
  • Reduce the risk of becoming pregnant with multiples, including premature birth and low birth weight, increased risk of C-section and potential health impact on the mother

Talk to your FSAC team about the benefits of genetic screening today.