Nursing Staff


Stephanie has been with FSAC since May 2012. She is an RN, IVF Coordinator and supervisor of the medical assistant staff. Through education and support, Stephanie hopes to make the process for her patients easier and more comfortable. When she’s not caring for patients, Stephanie loves spending time with her family, friends and her two new Dachshund puppies.

Michelle E.

Michelle started her career as a fertility nurse 10 years ago. In 2007, after passing her boards in the Philippines, she worked as a fertility nurse, helping patients build their dream of having a family. Michelle wanted to expand her experience as a nurse, so she moved to New York where she studied and worked on becoming a registered nurse in the United States. After getting her licenses in New York, New Mexico and California, she moved to the west coast to pursue her career as a nurse where she discovered FSAC. She has been working with our company for 2 years and has helped so many patients in their journey of becoming a mother. Michelle is planning to pursue her Masters’ Degree to become a Nurse Practitioner in the near future so she can continue helping our patients with the best care she can provide as a medical professional.

Michelle G.

Michelle received her RN MSN degree in ambulatory care from Western University of Health Sciences. She has been with FSAC since 2016. Her passion for helping patients is evident in her daily work, where she is eager and devoted to helping people achieve their dreams of having a family. She enjoys building deep lasting relationships throughout this journey. She is a also a new Mom herself to a wonderful daughter and enjoys spending her free time with her family and dog doing anything outdoors. If it’s raining, she can be found in front of the tv watching the food network, while she incorrectly thinks she can out cook judges on her favorite shows.


Shannen had worked in Pediatrics for four and a half years before joining FSAC. She has three Associates Degrees from Moorpark College (Nursing Science, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and a third in Natural Sciences. She is starting her Bachelors Program in May at Ohio University. She is a happy mom of two beautiful daughters conceived with IVF.



Hillary started her career in the medical field 6 years ago teaching phlebotomy and medical assistant programs. Her passion for learning and helping others allowed her to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an RN. She is currently furthering her education at Cal State Dominguez Hills and will receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in the Fall of 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, snowboarding in Mammoth and playing with her little Yorkie.


Wendy is a licensed Physician Assistant practicing OB/GYN & Fertility since 2001. She specializes in reproductive endocrinology/reproductive medicine and has experience in hormone replacement therapy, nutrition and preventative wellness. Wendy is also a yoga therapist, seeing private clients and teaching class in Santa Monica, CA. Her focus is injury management and prevention for athletes, pelvic floor disorders, postnatal pelvic floor strengthening, scoliosis, neck/back pain, infertility, cardiovascular conditions/stroke, back/neck fusions and orthopedic injuries including shoulder and knee rehabilitation.