Pregnancy Success Rates

IVF ART Success Rates

Since 1999, Fertility and Surgical Associates of California has provided state of the art reproductive care to thousands of patients nationally and internationally. As one of the leading fertility and IVF programs in the country, we are proud to announce our IVF success results are, once again, among the very best. We present our most recent IV pregnancy rates based on completed birth rate data, as reported to SART, representing 1,178 cycles of In-Vitro Fertilization (fresh and frozen cycles) from January through December 2016. Our pregnancy rates are particularly favorable as FSAC treats all patients regardless of age, FSH or AMH levels, or prior outcome, and strictly adheres to ASRM Guidelines with respect to the number of embryos transferred. The following IVF pregnancy rates are inclusive of ALL PATIENT data, including those with poor ovarian reserve/egg quality (elevated FSH, low AMH levels) and other conditions that negatively impact pregnancy rates. Pregnancy rates for couples without diminished ovarian reserve or uterine factors are significantly higher than those listed below, representing pregnancy rates per transfer of frozen embryos.

FSAC is also pleased to announce expansion of our pre-implantation genetic diagnosis / screening (PGD/PGS) program, allowing us to pre-screen embryos for genetic normalcy, perform gender selection, and detect selected single gene disorders (including sickle cell, Tay-Sachs, and cystic fibrosis). After embryo testing, patients then undergo a frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET). Pregnancy rates with embryo testing via NGS and frozen transfer are significantly higher than patients who transfer untested embryos, and now represent over 95% of our IVF cycles. FSAC is also pleased that the average number of embryos transferred is only 1.2 for all age groups which is amongst the very best in the county in maximizing live birth rates while minimizing risk. To review our complete clinic summary report on SART.ORG, click here.


The physicians at FSAC use the most successful ovarian stimulation protocols, personally monitor follicular growth for each patient, and perform all egg retrievals and embryo transfers. In addition to FSAC’s success with IVF, we are committed to treating our patients with less aggressive treatments when indicated Our mission at FSAC is to educate and provide the highest level of care with respect and compassion, while attempting to achieve successful pregnancies in the most cost-effective manner possible. Please contact us for additional information or questions.

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