Third Party Reproduction

Through our in-house Egg Donor and Embryo Donation programs, FSAC connects patients with the vital resources they need for building their families. To help defray the expense of fertility treatments, we charge a reduced administrative fee when patients use an FSAC donor or donated embryo. More than 50 percent of our patients who utilize an egg donor take advantage of this unique opportunity.

  • Become an Egg Donor
    One in eight couples faces fertility issues. You can make an extraordinary difference in their lives. As a donor working with FSAC’s in-house Egg Donor and Embryo Donation programs, you earn a generous income while helping individuals and couples overcome fertility challenges and realize their dreams. Join a special group of women whose contributions are strengthening the fabric of our community. Contact us to learn more.
  • Become a Surrogate
    Gestational surrogates are models of generosity and compassion who fill our community with hope, strength and love. Consider opening your heart to local individuals and couples struggling to have a family. Partner with FSAC to volunteer as a surrogate. Your compensation will be much more than just financial.